What Educators Say About the Eco-Troubadour

"Excellent program. I can’t believe how you don’t seem to age. What is your secret? Your performances are always spot on fresh with connecting to the students and what in their lives that they are paying attention to. Thanks for coming!" 

Landon Middle School, Topeka, Kan


“Very captivating and educational. It was perfect!!! The program was great! The students were very involved, and Stan was very motivating.  The music added excitement!”

Educator, East Side Elementary School, Edinburgh, Ind.


“The most talented, well-balanced, fun-filled, educational, crowd-smart one-man act I’ve seen.”                                                                               

Educator,  Sedan Elementary, Sedan, Kan.


“What an outstanding presentation!  I really appreciated your enthusiasm for recycling.  The students enjoyed the morning and so did staff members.  Keep up the great work!”

Principal, Onaga Elementary School, Onaga, Kan.


“The kids loved it! They are still talking about Stan, and they want me to keep playing his CD and tapes. They sing along loudly! Great program!”

 Educator, Meadowlark Elementary, Andover, Kan.


“Very impressive – Really enjoyed it!”            Principal, Downsville Elementary, Downsville, La.



 “Wonderful message! I’m glad to see this issue addressed in such a meaningful and fun way!  Thanks for all you do – keep spreading the word!”

Educator, Franklin Elementary School, Marshalltown, Iowa


“Many staff members tell me that it was one of the best presentations of its type that they have seen.  It was thoroughly enjoyed by all!”

Principal, Jefferson Elementary, Oregon, Ill.


 “Great songs and lyrics! Kept the kids involved without having them get too wild and crazy.”

Educator, Walker Elementary School, Blue Springs, Mo.


 “The program is enjoyable and informative. The content was reinforced in many ways – the students left with the meaning of the program well learned!”

Educator, Rushville Elementary School, Rushville, Ind.

"I liked the older kids being separate from younger kids. Older content can be given in more technical terms

Thanks! It was fun!

I don’t have many suggestions as I thought it was motivational and moved along at a good pace to keep students’ attention. The songs were motivational and my students were still singing some of them.

Great as is. I really enjoyed the program and so did the kids.

Loved it!"

Teacher comments from St. Patrick's Catholic School, Rolla, MO

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