Stan's Invitation from Prince Charles

I got an invitation from HRH the Prince of Wales. 

Okay, I’ll explain… I am The Eco-Troubadour.  For years I have been singing for kids and adults in the Midwest and across the US about composting, recycling, cycle of life, green stuff in general. You get the idea.  

Just as I was getting ready to kick back a little and garden more, somehow HRH The Prince of Wales and his organic gardening enterprise, Highgrove Gardens, found me. 

I have a personal letter from Prince Charles inviting me to speak on April 15 at his big organic gardening celebration at Highgrove Garden in Gloucestershire UK, which is to raise money for The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation. 

Do you know how much I want to go? Think of the people I’ll meet…. the chance to share stories from the heartland with an international audience, the chance to network about fertile soils and organic gardening… and how vital this all is to our future and our health?  

When royalty invites you to help them raise funds for their causes we become donors,  rather than compensated.  We checked with our British friend and that is the way it’s done.  So in order to go we will need to raise the money ourselves. Of course I want to take my wife Linda who is a partner in this business and equally excited about it. So we are asking through GoFundMe if you want to contribute something towards our airfare, lodging, travel around south-central Britain and other travel expenses.  

All the particulars are in the GoFundMe Campaign, Invitation from Prince Charles, here:

We promise to keep you updated on this site about the progress and whatever amazing things come out of the adventure itself!  Please help us say YES to HRH the Prince of Wales' invitation to share composting and organic gardening news from the Midwest at Highgrove gardens in Great Britain!  Here is one of many links you may want to explore:  Prince of Wales - Royal Gardens at Highgrove 

Here is our own web site,    And here’s a short video I made this fall, Rich Soil, Rich People. 

Thank you so much for your donations of any size.  Your donations will cover our airfares (for both of us), lodging in Great Britain, car rental from London and a few days extra to explore the area where both our ancestors came from in south central England.   Because we need to book our flights, we need the donations asap.  Any we raise over and above our goal will go to further the outreach of this work.  We are SO grateful for any and all your contributions!  

Stan Slaughter, Eco-Troubadour, and Linda Chubbuck