Food Waste Composting

 March 29, 2011 Food Waste Composting

Food waste composting is a big deal. At the US Compost Council convention it was "what's next" for many agencies. Food is only 8% of household trash but 14% of municipal trash. I compost my food scraps at home and occasionally take other food waste to feed my worms.
On March 22nd I attended the Kansas Works! conference. One of the workshops was on food waste composting and while there they arranged a food waste audit of the Wichita Hyatt Regency. They were very cooperative and do a great job reducing waste in many ways. They saved their food waste from breakfast for us to categorize. Here I'm helping my friends Kris Hicks and Tim Evans of KDHE with the audit. We're weighing a big sack of cantalope rinds. Great worm food!
Here's a picture by Mike Hutmacher of the Wichita Eagle.















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