KAW Valley Seed Fair and the Green Spirit Band

by Linda Chubbuck 

Last Saturday (2/26/11) the Green Spirit Band offered two sets at the well-attended and fabulous Seed Fair, put on by the KAW Valley Seed Project and partners.    When I arrived at 10:30 a.m. it was FULL!   There were amazing vendors, offering everything from mushroom hunting resources and knowledge, to Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship Certificates (Johnson County Community College), along with a free Seed Exchange (I brought home Peruvian wild tomato seeds), and everything in between.  And even more exciting, the attendees were so thick you had to wind your way through the crowds.  child shelling corn

There was a real corn sheller, which had plenty of takers... see the photo.   

And seed balls made of mud/clay packed with seeds.  

When the Green Spirit Band sang, we had, despite the come-and-go nature of the event, an actual sit-down audience to sing to - a real treat.    We shared Stan's song "I'm From the Earth," along with "Canned Goods," "Blue Wild Indigo" (by Ann Zimmerman) and much more.    

Lawrence is an incredibly rich community in the arts, nature, going green, and much more.   We love to be invited there on a regular basis.   (We'll be doing the music for Unity of Lawrence on March 27, both services - come check us out!)

Oh, and Local Burger provided the scrumptious noon meals... elk burger, organic salads, black bean burger... delish.    

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