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January 2011:

This is my first-ever blog... and a great way to share a little with you about us and why we do what we do.  

The three of us have been friends since the summer of 2006.   Stan and I (Linda) are married (we met in 2004, I moved to Lee's Summit, MO in 2005), and Judy is our dear friend.   Stan has been The Eco-Troubadour for over 15 years now; I've been a singer all my life; and Judy used to sing lead with her high school Jazz Band.    So the stage was set.... 

Green Spirit Band, eco music, Earth Day musicIn 2006, Judy and I and her daughter, Jessica Best, formed an a cappella trio, ~Water~, and had a superb time singing close intense harmonies.  Stan, who'd sung solo most of his life, would sit upstairs in his office and listen to us for over a year, gradually becoming more and more intrigued with close harmony.    Jessica began to travel and develop other interests, so we stopped rehearsing together.  


Then in November of 2009, Judy and Stan and I decided to jump in and see what we'd sound like together, adding guitar and sometimes my piano as well.  

We instantly had a blast.   We were equally thrilled with the sound and the fun and started creating a repertoire of eco/green songs, and a separate repertoire of inspirational/spiritual songs for a different crowd.    The name "Green Spirit Band" occurred to two of us simultaneously and it was unanimous.

By spring of 2010 we were performing off and on, and by late summer, we were singing 3-5 times per month at eco-events, for nature groups (Audubon Society, Operation Wildlife), and at several churches on a rotating basis.   

We sing the best of other songwriter's songs and our own, and we are seeding a whole new crop of our own green songs and inspirational pieces with regular songwriting retreats in a lovely secluded cabin north of Lawrence, Kansas.    

Green Spirit Band songwriting retreat, Judy & Linda Green Spirit Band songwriting retreat-Stan



This web site is new (winter 2010/2011) and we will continue to add to it, with MP3's, a calendar of our events, and more.    Find us on Facebook at Green Spirit Band, and invite us to come to your church or event!  

California dreaming

Stan and I (2/3 of the GSB)  just returned from a performance  at the US Composting Council national conference... the Tuesday evening Reception.  We played - what else? - Stan's composting and worm music!   Opening with The Composters, and moving through "Earthworm," "Feed it to the Worms," and "Put Me in the Compost Pile" we had the exhibitors and others grinning and shaking a little "booty" to the rhythms.   The more mellow "Blue Boat Home" was a popular shift in style, recognized by a gentleman who's heard Peter Mayer sing it, complete with overtones.    (It's an incredible song by P.M.)

I doubt there's ever been more composting songs sung in one place than there were last Tuesday night, and probably NEVER before at the Santa Clara Hyatt.     We missed Judy and that incredible 3rd harmony part, but had a great time.  Lots of networking, inspiration, new leads and ideas to follow up on.   



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