Water All Over the World CD

Water All Over the World CD

Water All Over the World is an anthology of the best water songs Stan can find. Stan wrote six of the twelve songs and the others are written by musician/activists from all over North America. The music varies widely from pure rock on "Storm Drain" to Indian chant on "Ogallala" to powerfully lyrical on "Dance Up a Storm" which features magnificent flute work by Kim Park.  Eco-Troubadour Stan Slaughter sings these and others at Water Festivals across the country. Water All Over the World works well in educational settings and also as just great listening.

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Tracks include:

  • Little Stream                                         (Douglas Wood)
  • We're All Connected                           (Stan Slaughter)
  • Sittin' Crosslegged                              (Stan Slaughter)
  • Ogallala                                                (Ann Rowland)
  • Excuse Me, Sir -That's My Aquifer   (Ann Rowland)
  • Watershed                                           (Stan Slaughter)
  • Stream Team                                      (Stan Slaughter)
  • Heal the Water                                   (Don Matt)
  • Dance Up a Storm                             (Stan Slaughter)
  • Storm Drain Stenciling                      (Stan Slaughter)
  • Salmon Circle                                    (Fraser Lang) 
  • Water                                                 (Ken Lonquist)

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