Unintended Consequences CD

Recycling Music, Household Hazardous Waste Music

Eco-Music - the world's only Household Hazardous Waste CD!  Humorous songs with real science behind them.   For an Integrated Unit (Science and Music) suitable for Jr. High, with performance suggestions, contact us directly.  

Stan is a virtual one man environmental, educational, cultural, and artistic movement - incomparable.    Just an outpouring of highly effective learning and fun.       ---David Haenke, Ecological Society Project

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Eleven tracks include:

  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Half Pint Can of Bright Red Paint
  • LEAD (Such a Heavy Dude)
  • Bad Actors (Always Act the Same)
  • Don't Let the Goo Get You
  • Teenager in Wasteland (a rap)
  • What Can I Use Instead?
  • Storm Drain Stenciling
  • Excuse Me Sir (That's My Aquifer)
  • We're All Connected
  • Shoppin' (For a Better World) 

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