Worm Compost Poster

Worm CompostPoster

The Worm Compost Poster has beautiful detailed artist-rendered illustrations showing how to use red wiggler worms to recycle food scraps and improve the soil.


18” x 14.5” on strong stock with glossy finish. 
Volume discounts available - contact us directly.


The headings are:              
  • Benefits (of worm composting)
  • Solutions for Pests and Problems,
  • Red Wiggler Worms.   
A side bar covers basics: 
  • How to Feed, 
  • What to Feed, 
  • Where to Get Them, 
  • Where to Keep the Bin, and 
  • How to Harvest (castings).  
WormCompostPoster detailThe cut-away illustration of the bin shows how the healthy worm bin is layered and maintained.