Compost Poster

Compost Poster

The Compost Poster, with its beautiful detailed (artist-rendered) illustrations, has sold over seven thousand copies worldwide to individuals, agencies, cities, schools and families.  A great compost education tool for all ages.

18” x 14.5” on strong stock with glossy finish.
Volume discounts available - contact us directly.   
The headings on the poster are:CompostPosterCompostPile

Getting Started,

Working with Mother Nature, 

The History, 

How It Works, 

and How to Use It. 

Compost Biology

Benefits of Composting 

The Compost Poster describes the compost process over the course of a year, providing a picture of a compost pile in each season.  

This gives the reader a template for operation of a complete annual compost cycle.  This key feature helps the beginner understand what should happen in each season and makes a Compost Education workshop leader’s job easy.  


Price: $8.00

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