In-Soil Gardens

Stan's In-Soil Garden Service is designed as a one-time jump start to gardening.

Our goal is to give you everything you need to go from a lawn to a fertile garden in one day. We base our fees on a 10 by 10 foot area and expand beyond that as the client desires.

Safety-We insist that the utility lines be located before we start digging or tilling.

Clearing- We remove sod, rocks, debris, roots and anything else that would interfere with having a great garden. This pile of debris in the background includes pieces of asphalt pavement that was Four inches below the surface.

Conditioning- We add one cubic yard of the finest compost we can find. Compost is not a fertilizer. It mellows the soil adding organic matter that changes the soil's structure loosening and allowing the soil to breathe and absorb water.

Buffering- Our area has soils with high clay content. We add a 40 pound bag of gypsum to help loosen the clay.

Fetilizing- We provide a gallon of pelletixed chicken manure, enough for two years of heavy growth.

Mulching- We provide a bale of wheat straw to mulch the garden, cooling the soil and stopping weeds.

Tilling- We make a first pass to break up the sod, then rake off the dead grass particularly if the turf was thick.









Here we've tilled and then applied the compost.










The next step is to spread the gypsum.










Now for the final tilling step which is to mix the garden as deeply as possible. This garden had an unusually high clay content, but the results were inpressive.













The gardens always respond with incredible growth that is thrilling and tasty to the clients.