Box Gardens

A beautiful, fertile, easy-to-work, garden right where you want it in one day!

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Box Gardens have some major advantages over in-soil gardens.


They are installed quickly rather than requiring years to build a fertile garden.




The clean lines of these beds can be an attractive landscaping feature. Many configurations are possible.


The seating rail makes it possible to sit comfortably at the edge of the bed, avoiding the kneeling and soiling of one's clothes.



A box garden can be filled with a custom blend of soil and compost. Stan's standard garden is eleven inches deep. This is a huge advantage over the heavy clay soils that predominate in the KC area. In the photo below the topsoil on the right is being mixed 50:50 with compost in the truck on the left. 







A box garden can be installed almost anywhere over any soil, even over concrete. All that's needed is a sunny location. This box garden is being lined with plastic because of the fruit trees close on the right.

The roots of the tree will grow up into the box and feed heavily on the new soil, competing with the vegetables. The results using this plastic liner were outstanding production in 2013.


The soil of a box garden can get too hot for many plants during a long hot spell. Extra watering can help.