Compost Education Coloring Book

Compost Education Coloring Book

The Composters Color Workbook is an eleven page coloring book illustrated by wildlife artist Sylvia Hein. 


The compost education text and visual concepts were developed by Stan Slaughter.

The Composters Color Workbook is a great way to give kids time with the concept of composting.   As they color the pages, they absorb the images and information over time, allowing the educational value of the image to “sink in.” 
The story line is about the miraculous transformation from waste to resource in the composting process, and the “critters”

 that are the main players in that process.   There’s a picture of each group of actors and, “in their own words,” they tell their story.   There’s even a “find the hidden object” puzzle in the last illustration.  

The line drawings are best suited to color pencils, and are for ages 7 and up.  


Price: $9.00

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