Worm Tea

 This worm tea has been sitting for two days and "It's Alive!" The bubbles on top indicate that a lively growth of critters (helpful microorganisms) is happening. Adding simple sugars can boost this effect. Molasses is a favorite because it also contains minerals and is inexpensive.




Aeration is key to keeping these critters alive so twice a day (or so) I pour the full bucket rapidly into an empty bucket. There are solids in the bottom and we want them to be thoroughly mixed. 








 A good step is to use an aquarium strainer to skim off the floating debris at this time.

 Now pour about one third of the full bucket into the empty bucket. It's best to stir the full bucket first to get as much good black vermicompost into solution as possible.


 The photo below shows me filling the 1/3rd bucket with water, diluting it in preparation for use.










 From here simply pour the tea into a watering can and apply to either the leaves or roots of your plants.











It's these microfine solids we want to get to the plants. The more you stir and faster you pour the more of this stuff will be in the water. The darker the water, the better.