In Tune with All Species CD

In Tune with All Species CD

Eco-music for young and old, about all species.   In Tune is the ideal CD for the younger set.    

Here's what one mom has to say:

I introduced my 4 year old daughter to Stan's .. In Tune with All Species when we were stuck inside after another heavy snow ..she instantly fell in love with his.. songs. ... jumping on the trampoline and playing air guitar while singing I Am an Animal!     It makes me smile to hear her.. singing, "Habitat, Habitat, have to have a Habitat."         --Toni G, KC

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Twelve tracks include:
  • This Pretty Planet
  • Habitat
  • Prairie
  • Six Leg Boogie
  • Salmon Circle
  • Frog and Flea
  • I Am An Animal
  • All God's Creatures
  • The Garden Song (Inch by Inch)
  • Evergreen Everblue
  • Little Blue Ball
  • This Island Earth  

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In Tune with All Species Songbook


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