Keynotes and Workshops

Need a green keynote, or an eco-workshop for your next big event?   Bring Eco-Troubadour Stan Slaughter in and enjoy the music as well as the talk.   As an award-winning educator with a lifetime on the cutting edge of the Green movement, Stan offers a clear perspective and vast experience to your audience.  Adding his rousing guitar work, he will rock and laugh your group through thoughtful and transformative information to a happy  outcome. 


Popular Eco-Keynote and Workshop topics include: 

How Biomimicry is Changing Everything

Copying Nature’s basic principles is creating jobs, savings and fortunes for those willing to listen.  Technology is making it possible to model Nature, copying designs and implementing principles that are changing every aspect of our world. This is the next industrial revolution with implications just as earth-shaking as the last one two hundred years ago.

Best for general audiences


Copying Nature’s Synergies

How 2+2=9 if you’re paying attention.

Using the latest research on the way Nature organizes successful communities, Stan brings the results of that research to light, with profound implications for our lives, our businesses and society as a whole. Stories and examples of ground-breaking companies illustrate.

Best for business and corporate groups


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Compost 101

A lively, musical introduction to the basics of composting and the importance of composting in contemporary ecology.  As National Compost Educator of the Year in 2000, Stan has the ability to “keep it light” or “take you deep” into the topic.  A custom PowerPoint presentation lets him focus on the aspects of composting that fit your needs best.  Compost 101 can be a keynote, a conference presentation, a stand-alone workshop or a booth at a larger event.

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About Stan's experience

About Stan's composting adventures


Energy Conservation 101

A valuable look at energy issues from an expert who’s not a salesman.  Using a PowerPoint presentation to highlight the important areas in a home’s energy usage, Stan can answer basic questions and stimulate the audience to ask their specific questions about products and techniques of installation.  This program has been widely appreciated for its breadth and helpful ideas.

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About Stan’s Energy Conservation and solar experience 


Other Eco-keynote and workshop topics include:

  • Growing and using Worms
  • Sustainable Living
  • Songs of the Environmental Movement



Stan’s keynote and workshop experience includes presentations at the US Compost Council Annual Conference (2011), Kansas State Recycling Conference (2010), Arkansas Recycling Convention, Kansas Master Gardeners, Midwest Environmental Education Conference, Girl Scout National Leaders Convention, Kansas Water Engineers.