Innovations in Green Living

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Biomimicry ( a whole new way of thinking)

Is another way to say Copying Nature. What is so exciting is that this field is exploding with activity. Our economy is still based in the methods and techniques of the industrial revolution of the 1700’s. In biomimicry we not only copy the individual fabulous ideas and adaptations that Nature has developed, we also copy Nature’s operating principles. These operating principles offer radical advantages to businesses and organizations. Stan offers talks and keynotes on biomimicry. 


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Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy People

Huge, landslide changes are happening now in the area of health. Increasingly people are demanding to know more about their food. The growth of farmer’s markets, interest in organic foods and changes on the farm all point to a sea change of innovation. Some seventy years ago the father of composting, Sir Albert Howard, wrote “the Soil and Health.” He would be proud that today the world is moving in the direction he suggested. 


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