Green Schools Programs for Elementary and Secondary

Green Schools Eco-Troubadour

Programs for Elementary Schools

The Green Schools Assembly Program (newest of the Eco-Troubadour Programs)  for Elementary assists you in bringing your entire student body on board with timely money-saving, and good-for-the-planet changes. Using large colorful charts and specially written songs, our assembly teaches upper elementary students about environmental challenges and the opportunities we all have in going green. Moving from charts to songs to student interaction, the fast-paced program keeps students' interest while teaching simple things we can do now, sharing examples of creative thinking in new technologies, and stressing teamwork in solving big problems.

For grades 3-8, 45 minutes in length with 6 songs. 

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Programs for Middle Schools, Junior and Senior High Schools

Using a kick-off song and a special Power Point presentation this program starts with a description of the ideas and conditions that helped create our current problems. Humorous graphics and informative charts provide interesting content. The presentation describes possible future scenarios along with the students’ opportunities in a greener world ahead.

Students and teachers are encouraged to see the school as a green “incubator” - implementing projects in resource conservation, recycling, and other green technologies, while educating students in these processes.

The program concludes with examples of green projects in other places, as well as suggestions for students to design and implement green projects at their own school.

May be presented to large or small gatherings. Often one science teacher will include all their classes and invite other science classrooms to join, in a library or medium-sized venue.

Multi-media CD includes songs appropriate for upper grades as well as resource information, links page, and optional quiz. CD includes a synopsis of the program, vocabulary words and copy of the PowerPoint for follow-up use.

For grades 7-12, in groups of up to 60 students. One class period in length, 45-60 minutes.

Contact Stan now to book a Green Schools program or for more information. 

Kansas Green Schools Programs 

In Kansas the Green Schools program is funded by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (Waste Management Division), and co-sponsored by Kansas Gas Service. The program is provided free to schools. Kansas schools may apply for a grant to do green projects at their school – information about the grants and much more is available at


We recommend the Green Schools Program to all schools because it is a unique way to teach environmental responsibility and conservation. Many schools have built pride and achievement through successful implementation of green projects. Many have also saved money, energy and resources, thereby improving the school’s financial situation. (links here soon to stories about what other schools have done)

Watch a short (6 minute) video of Stan's Green School Assembly filmed in a rural Kansas elementary school.