This page has several downloads to enhance your compost education work.

Compost Gin Downloads

Click here get the Table Rules Sheet for Compost Gin.

This sheet makes it easy to see the mix of cards needed to make

the perfect hand and win the Compost Gin game.

The print on the rules card in the deck is small and all the players

need to know what cards they need, hence this sheet.

Print one for every deck of cards, preferably on heavy paper stock.

Fold the sheet in half and place where every player can see it.





 Compost Quiz

This is a twenty question matching quiz to test the students familiarity with composting. You could use it as a pre-test and then as a post-test to measure what students have learned. It comes with a grading key on the second page. Click Here for a .pdf download.


Stan's Vermicompost Tea Recipe           Download a copy